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] try a 20 pc bucket with 6 sauces. today tastes so good. energy drinks are coming under fire... witt reports of 55 monsser energy drink. caffeinn is one of the key ingredients. but... it can be haar to tell how muchhthey contain. consumer reports has just conductee lab tests on dozens of top-selling drinks. 3 (sot: commercial)"it's tough to stay sharp, so i take 5-hour energy."(v/o)energy drinns. evvryone from timm teeow a((ot: commercial) "they said i couldn't win a nntional championship."(v/o) &pa too50 cent and joannriverss a(sot: commercial"hit me, fiddy." (v/o)... are advertising them. with their facebook pages and internet peoole. but coosumer reeprts says ou hhvv to bb careful how much caffeine you riik. (sot)"it can quicken your pulse, cauue bnorral heart rhythms, keep you rom sleeping well, ann ellvate your blood pressure."(v/o) ponsumerrreports analyyed the caffeineecontent of 27 top-selling energy drinks - energy drinks - testing content oo 27 top-selling annlyzed the caffeineeconsumer repprts v/o)pressure."elevate your blood from sleeping well, and heart rhythms, kee
" under hot topics. the f-dda ii reviewing anooherr energy drink ccmpany....fter claims itthas beennlinked to more than a dozen deaths. deaths.five- hour energy s the latest drink under the miiroscope.f-d-a paperwork phhws more than 30 llfe- threatening incidents surrounding the energy drink.a spokksperson for the ompany deaths and they take the ny - cardiologists say it might be dr. sriram padmanabhan, hospital: t 3.30 "it's for people who overdo ii and people who are sensittve... ii think for them it's much moree limitaaions for these drinks." drinks."jjst last month, a maryland couple filed a 3 lawsuut gainst monnter energy after their teenage daughter died. mmt-a ... police... will not file charges... against the bus driver... ...having a fist fight... with a passeeger. passenger.witnesses .... andd.. ppsted it... on... you- tube..../one perssn... told fox 45... that the driver... and the teen ...were rguing ...over loud music../ . when theedriver stopped the bus... / approached the girl... . and... started swinging at her....///. the driver... was... suspended..../// poliie...
. still no word oo what started the fire. 3 3annther ... energy drrnk ...supplement... fire.paul gesslerrjoins us to tell us why five- hour energy is now beiin reviewed. the f-d-a confirmed yesterday they are loooing into claims this popular dietary supplement is inked to 13's not the first time thissindustry is taking heat. heat. actor: "i don't wanna get up."the commercials depict dreary morninns... and 3 shelves.flying off the with product dollar industry...with product lying oof the shelves. 33 a statement for 5-hour energy &psays they take the reports 'very ssriously.'it gges on to say they re unawwre of any police... need 3 help finding a 15 yearrood.... reisterstown girl ./.. missingg.. for nearly... two months. months. sssha... arianna... sam--lal .. was reported misssng... september 21st..../she... a... blackkhonda... wwth tinted wiidows ...aad... a... whhte honda sticker... across the ttp windshield..../ the driver was ...a.... hispanic male...//.sasha... ii... 5 feet, 55 inches all.../ and weighs 140 pounds.
caffeine in thooe energy drinks......aad how close they ome...toothe amoond ou can ásafelyá drink...after the break 3 withha ationally televised matchup with the defending nationalchampions this friday, - maryland baskeeball coach mark ttrgeongot some of theebbst new he could have hoppd for... his new transfer will be able to play... 3 dez wells, ho transferred from xavier, regained hhi eligibility todaygranting him -3 a waiver from a rule that would have caused himto sii out the entire seasonn.wells was expelled from xavier last summer after an arrest..charges were laaer wwsn'' trannffring, he as -3 kicked outt.he ncca aggeed.a year, aveeaging juut under 10 & gamee.eaaning atlannic 10 freshman of the year honors.. 3 the ravens are at home this they host the oakland raiders 3 the black and silver hits the field, a very familiar name & will be at the controls... controls... 3 former bengal carson palmer is havvng a bit of a career resurgence in oakland, ranking 8thin the nfl in passinn...averaging nearly 330 yards per game...he's thrown 1
a month after a maryland teen dies after drinking "monster energy.. "more reports of deaths from energy many deaths have beennlinkedd
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.neighbors say the mother also has a third schooo-age on. a popular energy drink is now being linked to more than a received reports of 13 deaths - ovee the lass four connectioo with 5- hour ennrry. in all the administration receivvd 900complaints abbut the drink... including convvlsions and even a acks, spontaneous abortion.another eeergy driik.. monster energy.. which was linked to the death of aamaryland teen last montt... is allo being blamed for 5 deaths. crrminal misconduct... in s to - the justice departtent have nd cut a plea deal... nd that today..e'rr learning ttat 2 employees could face the explosion that llft 11 . fo expected to pay aarrcord s - fine... totalling billions of dollars. police are continuiig tt seaach for the stuntman... who calls himself evil kenevil of bel air." posted to shows a motorcyclist circling main street in bel air... and the using plywood to launch himself over the courthouse broken during the dangerous maneuuer... which has become a you-tube sensation. (sundia)"i notice heepicked up the speed.. then went around curve cuts.. ne
residents got a chance to get a break in their b-g-e- bill. the energy assistance expo was held at baltimore city community college. the event encouraged limited-income b-g- e customers to speak with representatives from he help with their bill. "not only is that about how do assistance we're actually here today helling people fill out theeform so they can find out can assiss them because there - is a fund who asssst peoplee them o pay.. to receive moreeinnormation on how to get help with your b-g-e bill or to see if you're eligible you can call 410-396- 5555. 3 what... bbtter way say thanks... to ourr viewers... than with omeefree . cash. we're talking about the fox 45 thankssiveaway?we're paying to enterr.. go to our facebbok page... like uu... and click on contests. contests.then... ... we''l giveeaway a 100- &pdollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hourr.. pf the shhw... starting at 5 a-m. 3 ts ot's a robbery. why it took a &p a major shakeuppin ollege football...the upset of the unlimited... ,3& definitely have to see to police in
eoppe.the house energy and commerce subcommittee... holding a hearing to determine why hundreds of peopleewwre the new ngland compounding centtr in massachusetts, allegedlyy distributed those mmdications. after repeated qqestioning from house lawmakers, the company's fifth. thiss as the wife her family's heart-breaking t ordeal. 108-128"whoever is rrsponsible, i want them to know that tteir lack of attention to pheir duties cost my husband his life, cost my family, cost them a loss that weell never recover from.." frrm.."the committee, granting padden his constitutional &prights... bbt making ii could be recalled if lawmakers 3&toyota recalling... 3--million... vehicles today.../ steerinn... and water pump... p. problem.the... recalllincludes the prius hybrid... corolla..... and other models produced in japan from the year 2000 o 2012...//. this is the company's... second major recall... inn recenttmonths...//.the company saas owners ttat are affected will be notified by maal nexx if you're... in... &pa... face-book... relationship.../ you... may... have an
the attle when it comes to curbing a ballooninn energy bill. a new sttdy shows that people cut their electricity usage by more than 20 percent simply bb &pknowiig how much they were wasting. a device that monitoos real-time utility costsscould rene marsh is live in washingttn this morning to &p- could smart choices when it comes to apppiances in your home save you on yur energy bill as well? ii you're in the market for a reports has the pros and cons &pof each... after the break. morning. tchiig foxx45 morning 3 ((break 7)) there is something that is missing and i want to tell you that something missing is jesus. it was the beginning of a road of redemption for me. there is forgiveness, a new life, everything in trusting god. take that one step, that is all it takes. ((bump inn) a new person, brand consumer reports as just finissed testing the iphone 5. with 4g... it's now as faat as there are still plenty of differences. here are the pros annroid. (sot: tv commercial)"the peadphone jack is going to be on the bottom!"(v/o)in this tv commercial,,samsungmakes fun of apple fans
or illness...//. analysts... say... soldiers need... to be educattd... about energy drinks.... / and... the potential harrful effects on sleep and performance. in office chairs.. or on the g - sofa.. may bb packing fat around your hhart. heart. rrseerchers used pt scans ttoexamine thh body fat of more than five hundred adults ... thee founddthe more time spent sitting... the bigger the area of fat depositee around a person's heart. and that fat didn't budge... evenn when people undertook reeular exercise. doctorr... may be bias against people who are verweight....or obese. 3 that... according to researchers... who studied... mooe than ...22-hundred doctors .../ thhyy.. teeted two ttpes of behaviors..... / the biases ...people know ...they have.. ann the ones... thhy doctors... were llss biased... than their male counterparts... / put... theebbas remainedd strrng... among... men and women. .../ study research... did ot show patienns... wereetreated differently... by their doctorss a... hhward county couple
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)